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In Brief: Zion Zeal Christian School !

The Registered name of the school is “ZION-ZEAL CHRISTIAN SCHOOL”.   Zion is the mountain of God. The appointed place of blessing and prosperity. Zeal is connected to the word Zion to join the two to mean “This school will become God’s appointed place to breed generations of people trained with Godly Principles and Knowledge who will become zealous for Godliness and truth; and be guided by these principles towards integral development and transformation of Papua New Guinea”. The name demonstrates the Quality Basic Education, Personal Character & Cognitive Development; and Moral and Spiritual Knowledge Empowerment that we are called to promote.

Zion Zeal Christian School started in 2006 with only 30 students and have now grown to enrolling over 1000 students annually from Kindergarten to Grade 12.  The 2021 is a special year for the school where the vision and the prophesy to take the students to year 12 will be fulfilled. With competitive and affordable school fees, quality teaching based on Godly Principles, good teacher to student ratio, phonic programs and development of its own God & Bible curriculum, all these have contributed towards the schools quality and standout in the market amongst other private and public schools in the city.

The school has expanded its operations to manage the growing demand for enrolment by creating Chapter Schools in the city. Currently it has six (6) Chapter schools in the city with its plans to cover the city in the near future. The descriptions of these chapter schools are covered in the content of this document.

The Zion Zeal Vision 2030 envisage to becoming one of the top quality education providers in the country with fully developed institutions from Kindergarten to Grade 12.  The school aims to further the development of its vision to establish post grade 12 training programs.  A ten year preparation from 2020 to 2030 is the target for Zion Zeal Christian to develop into a tertiary institution in the country. With God all things are possible.

By competing to become the best, we have demonstrated through our quality learning with the aim of transforming our societies through the development of children. The children we touch must become an agent of change. Training them with moral principles and values becomes a significant part of early childhood learning apart from life skills development.  We envisage developing a generation of people that must rise up to take the country into the next level for development and transformation.

God bless Zion Zeal Christian School.